Skull & Bones, back in May

We discussed Ubisoft’s announcement to delay their highly anticipated pirate title, Skull & Bones, back in May. The creative director, Justin Farren, stated that the earliest that the game would launch would be April 2019. Since that announcement, the Skull & Bones developers released a gameplay video at E3 2018, talked about more details of the combat and multiplayer, and rolled out community updates.

Ubisoft will be allowing players to fight in their own way, whether that’s head-on battles or utilizing “tools such as disguise and betrayal to approach combat.” While players can explore as a pirate alone, teaming up with others online will give way to better loot from more powerful enemies. Also, ships can be collected to build a dangerous fleet that can be customized and are incorporated into an intricate progression system. Last year’s E3 gameplay video shows off the frenzy that includes weather patterns, rivalries, trade, and other enemies:

Fonte: mxdwngames


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