2021 Formula 1 concept. Source: FIA
Formula One’s 2021 rules aim to facilitate racing, making use of simpler aerodynamics, but without giving away the status of the fastest series in the world.

Formula 1 has dedicated a team of engineers to develop a new regulation for the series, which since 2017 suffers from the difficulty to overtaking due to the advanced and complex aerodynamics of their cars. The new rules will take effect from 2021 and new statements by Ross Brawn, who heads the project, are encouraging.

“With the current car, two car lengths behind, you lose 50 percent of the performance.” he said.” The car we have [in the works] now, you lose 10 percent of the performance. So it’s a huge improvement over where we are today.”

But the job does not stop there, because the goal of Brawn and his team is to improve competitiveness without losing the incredible performance and speed of Formula 1 cars.

“We don’t want to lose the speed of the Formula 1 car. We want it to be the fastest racing car on the planet, the most impressive racing car on the planet” Brawn said. “What we need is the downforce to be delivered in a way that cars can race each other.”

Source: Motorsport.com


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