Marvel’s Iron VR Revealed

Marvel’s Iron Man VR

During Sony’s State of Play video presentation they announced a handful of titles coming to PlayStation 4. However, the 20 minute presentation seemed to focus mostly on PlayStation VR due to the surplus of games revealed. One title in particular that stuck out was the reveal of Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

The game puts players behind the mask of one of the Marvel Universes most notable heroes. The reveal trailer shows the game’s first person action which will allow players to see through what looks like Tony Stark’s HUD within the Marvel movies. The gameplay shown gave players of glimpse of combat which includes repulser blasts, melee attacks, and flying.

Attacks can come from any direction so that’s sure to make for some interesting gameplay mechanics with the PSVR headset. The game is being developed by Republique creator Camouflaj.

The studios director Ryan Payton stayed within an official blog post that him and the development are aiming to “create abut also a deeply personal, and appropriately funny, narrative that puts players in Tony Stark’s armored shoes.”

As for the plot the developers stated that they wanted to do more than an origin story. They revealed that Tony will be facing “ghost from his past which aim to ruin him and everything he stands for.”

From this statement we can speculate that we will be seeing some familiar faces from the Marvel universe within the title. The game is currently slated to release sometime this year although no exact window has been given yet. It is also not confirmed if the game will be a PlayStation exclusive.

Since Sony Worldwide Studios is involved with the production of the title it may very well be another Marvel exclusive alongside last year’s Spider-Man. We will just have to wait and see until Sony is ready to shed more light on the project.

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