‘Stranger Things’ game heads to Starcourt Mall in new trailer


Steve is still the best babysitter in Hawkins even in 16-bit version.

The first trailer for Stranger Things season 3 finally premiered, in late March. Soon after, we learned when we would be getting the first console video game for the series.

Now, we’re getting another look at what the game will include with a new trailer.

It was previously announced that a game was in the works for when season 3 of the Netflix show arrives.

Stranger Things 3: The Game will feature 12 different playable characters who each have different skills. It will be 16-bit animation that uses currently technology. We got a first-look back in March with a short teaser.

It will be the first console game, as the show previously dropped a mobile game. The new game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC. However, there will also be a version for mobile devices.

Today, Netflix shared another trailer for the game, following all of our favorite characters around Hawkins including Starcourt Mall.

The mall was first mentioned back in July in a teaser starring everyone’s favorite babysitter, Steve Harrington (Joe Kerry).

Check out the new Stranger Things 3: The Game trailer below, which will be released alongside the series’ season 3 July 4.

More on Stranger Things 3

As previously mentioned, Stranger Things recently dropped the first trailer for season 3. The trailer came after the show’s account made a vague teaser featuring a video of rats on the run with the caption “it’s almost feeding time.”

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