Dead Mage Studios Announces Extension Of The Children of Morta Demo Availability

Extension Of The Children of Morta Demo Availability

Dead Mage Inc., the indie game studio behind Shadow BladeShadow Blade: Reload, and Garshap: Temple of the Dragon, announced that they will be extending access to the exclusive demo of their upcoming rogue-like RPG, Children of Morta. The pre-release event was previously slated to end on June 22nd, before which players would have free access to the beta for 72 hours. Due to a large number of interested players, and receiving tons of support and helpful feedback, the Dead Mage team has decided to extend the deadline to allow players the opportunity to play over the full weekend.

Children of Morta is a story not focused on fighting to save the world from an oncoming evil, but more about a family coming together, securing their strong bonds, helping one another, and standing side-by-side as the world crumbles around them. With the demo’s opening narration, it becomes clear that evil is brewing in the distance. Corruption, which seems to take the form of a dark purple-black shapeshifting mass, is quickly spreading across the once peaceful land of Morta. As chaos erupts, the mountain’s Guardians prepare to take action.

The Bergson family has been the protectors of Mount Morta for generations. Players will need to make use of the knowledge of Grandma Margaret and Uncle Ben, a seer and blacksmith respectively. These two hold the entire ancient history of the Bergson family, as well as the goddess of the land, Rea. Use what you learn from your ancestors to prepare the family for battle including upgrading gear, weapons, and special abilities. Can you stop the Corruption?

The game aims to create unique experiences for each playthrough. Players will get to choose who they wish to follow throughout their adventures. Become more familiar with each family members’ strengths, weakness, talents, and preferred combat styles. The studio also mentions an “ever-changing world” in which Corruption constantly alters the layout of the land including its forests, dungeons, and temples.

Feel free to watch the Children of Morta 2018 trailer below.

Children of Morta, the completed version, is now available for pre-order. Enjoy an extra 10% discount when you reserve your copy today on the Steam Store, as well as immediate access to the soundtrack on launch day. The game will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. While the demo will only be available for a short while, Children of Morta is expected to launch this upcoming fall. According to the game’s Steam page, Dead Mage plans to launch the project this September.

For more information, check out the game’s official website. Wishlist Children of Morta on the Steam Store to be notified when the game becomes available. And be on the lookout for updates on the game’s development posted on its official Twitter and Facebook pages.

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