Private Division Cancels Publishing Agreement with The Outsiders

Cancels Publishing

Today, information was revealed about the cancellation of a publishing agreement between Take-Two, their subsidiary publishing label Private Division, and the small game studio The Outsiders. Take-Two is the game company known for games such as the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as the Red Dead Redemption series. Private Division is a publishing label that focuses on smaller game production companies and Indie Games and is a subsidiary of Take-Two. Recently, the company Private Division cancelled a publishing deal with the game studio Outsiders. The initial agreement was for the publication of  a game that was initially known as Project Wight, but was eventually officially dubbed Darkborn. At the end of 2018, Private Divisions ended the publishing agreement with The Outsiders.

Project Wight, which has been officially renamed Darkborn reverses the typical narrative of killing monsters, placing you in the position of the monster, rather than the man. Darkborn is an action role playing game in which you play as a monster struggling to survive in a hostile environment in the Nordic lands. The game takes elements from various Nordic myths and revolves around a mythical creature ripped from his family in the midst of a power struggle. You hunt down people and creatures and evolve from a cub into a powerful creature with incredible powers. In an interview about the game with the project leader of Darkborn and the co-founder of The Outsiders David Goldfarb, he had this to say.  “…You yourself are an innocent caught up in a much larger conflict between Powers, the specifics of which become clearer in the course of the game. It’s a classic revenge story, but also a mystery: what happened to the world and your people? Can they be saved?” As the monster your role is to solve why this tragedy occurred to you as well as to explore the world around you in search of your family, and information about the events of this world.

The Outsiders is currently looking for a new publishing label to publish their game. No new information is currently available about the game. The release date, system requirements, and the price are unknown at the moment but more information will be available when it is released.

Source: Mxdwn


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