Watch Pixies Freak Out With Fortune Tellers in ‘On Graveyard Hill’ Video


Track will appear on band’s upcoming LP, Beneath the Eyrie.

The Pixies soundtrack a psychedelic horror show in the video for their new song “On Graveyard Hill,” set to appear on the band’s upcoming album, Beneath the Eyrie, out September 13th.

Directed by Kii Arens and Bobbi Rich, the clip is centered around a young woman who’s convinced by a radio ad that she needs to visit a fortune teller immediately. After grabbing a cab ride in a hearse, the woman meets with the psychic, who conjures a chaotic montage of scenes that make the most of the video’s late-Sixties aesthetic, which fuses flower power with the terror of a bad trip.

“Directing for the all mighty Pixies is quite an honor, and I was given complete artistic freedom to do what I wished,” said Arens. “The freedom to do so makes sense as to why they are such an original, real deal band. I started my career in music creating rock art so it’s perfect for this psychedelic freak-out video release.”

Beneath the Eyrie follows the Pixies’ 2016 album Head Carrier. Keeping with the themes of “On Graveyard Hill,” the whole LP will feature songs dealing with “witches, Daniel Boone, misfits” and other haunted topics.

Along with the album, the Pixies also launched a 12-episode podcast, It’s a Pixies Podcast, in June. Hosted by British music journalist Tony Fletcher, each episode offers a deep dive into the songwriting, recording and production for every song on Beneath the Eyrie.

The Pixies will play the Cure’s Daydream Festival in Pasadena, California August 13th, after which they’ll embark on a tour of the U.K. and Europe. North American tour dates are expected to be announced soon.

Source: Rolling Stone


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