Slipknot gets brutally adorable cover from band of kids


Between a chilling onstage presence and brutal breakdowns, Slipknot is easily one of the most merciless bands in metal. However, a new cover from the O’Keefe Music Foundation shows that you don’t have to look terrifying to rock.

For the track, a group of teenagers take on Slipknot’s “The Devil in I” with an eight-year-old frontwoman who does the cover justice in her own way.

In the video a man playing the kid’s father heads off to work, but not before strictly forbidding any Slipknot in their band practice.

Obviously, they go ahead and rock out anyway. Showing an impressive grasp on the instrumentals along with an enthusiastic vocalist, the song would make any metalhead grin.

The cover comes from the O’Keefe Music Foundation, which gives children the opportunity to have their music professionally recorded for free. The foundation has previously released videos of kids jamming Tool, Slayer, Danzig and many more.

More information on the O’Keefe Music Foundation is available here.

Source: Altpress


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