Doctor Sleep will be for 18 and over only


Stephen King Story-Based Film Brings Back Danny Torrance as a Troubled Adult

Director Mike Flanagan has confirmed that the film will arrive in the United States with an “R” rating, content not recommended for children under 18.

Based on the work of horror master Stephen King, Doctor Sleep will bring back the character Danny, this time a grown-up, upset man played by Ewan McGregor. In the new plot, Jack Torrance’s son (Jack Nicholson in the 1980s) uses psychic powers to heal patients in the hospital where he works, but everything changes when a mysterious young woman crosses his path.

The cast features Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance. Carl Lumbly, Alex Essoe, Zahn McClarnon, Rebecca Ferguson, Kyliegh Curran, Zackary Momoh and Bruce Greenwood also appear in the plot.

Doctor Sleep debuts on December 25th.


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