Ozzy Osbourne is afraid of not being able to do shows anymore


“My deadline is January, and I hope to be all right, or I’ll go crazy,” said the Prince of Darkness

In an interview recently published by Rolling Stone USA, Ozzy Osbourne spoke about the frustrations of feeling the inevitable arrival of old age, but also surprised to reveal that despite the pains and limitations of a postoperative period, he did not leave musical creativity to his senses. back.

According to the musician, he has been recording new songs to keep himself busy as he is not medically allowed to do all the activities he would like, such as practicing long sessions on the elliptical trainer.

The Prince of Darkness even toyed with the idea of ​​launching the nine ideas he had so far on a record called Recovery.

But creative idleness is not quite what frightens Osbourne in the middle of this whole story.

“I don’t think I could do a show now,” he said of his own health. The most depressing thing I’ve been asking myself is vou Can I walk normally again? Will I be able to introduce myself again? ”

About the current recovery, which comes less than a year after a hand infection, pneumonia and a serious fall, he said: “The process is slow to hell. My deadline is until January, and I’m hoping a lot to be all right, otherwise I’ll go crazy ”, completed the former Black Sabbath.


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