Microsoft’s Your Phone service is down just days after the Galaxy Note 10 release

Samsung’s latest handset includes exclusive Your Phone features

Microsoft’s new Your Phone service that helps connect Android phones to Windows has stopped working for users today. “We’ve identified an issue causing connection problems for the Your Phone app,” explains a Microsoft service outage page. “Users may receive ‘Can’t connect’ or other error banners when using the app. We’re actively investigating to identify the cause of the problem and develop a remediation plan.”

The timing of the outage is particularly unfortunate for Microsoft as Your Phone is a big part of the company’s new partnership with Samsung. The new Galaxy Note 10 comes with a unique version of Your Phone, dubbed “Link to PC,” built into the handset that went on sale last week. Your Phone has not been working on the Note 10 and other devices for at least seven hours today.

When Your Phone does work, it allows Android users to mirror their phone screens to a Windows 10 PC, alongside text messages, photos, and notifications. The screen mirroring is the most impressive part, as you can fully control a Note 10 from the Your Phone app and launch and run Android apps. Microsoft is expected to bring this same screen mirroring functionality to more handsets in the coming months, but right now it’s exclusive to the Galaxy Note 10.

Source: Theverge


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