Tool outperforms Taylor Swift in Billboard ranking


Metal disc that took 13 years to come out

A progressive metal record is the new leader of the music charts, leveraged by the 13-year expectation for its release. The American band Tool released on August 30th the album Fear Inoculum and now has taken the first position in the Billboard 200 ranking, which takes into account the most commercialized albums. With that, debunked Lover, launch of pop star Taylor Swift.

According to the publication, “Fear Inoculum” sold 270,000 copies in its first week of release. Of this number, 248,000 are physical material – the rest are digital reproductions, following the rules of a sale equal to 10 paid downloads or 1,500 streams.

Billboard also pointed out that the achievement of the Tool is considered incredible as it was achieved “without the aid of a concert + album ticket, no pre-sale promotion or a singles merchandising job – which, overall it has become the norm for most albums as artists struggle to sell using more traditional media. ”

Listen to the album:

Successful sales have reduced inventories rapidly, and Tool has already announced the production of more units. The original release came in only two versions: digital and a limited edition CD. Special editions are a trend among artists, such as Taylor Swift herself, who released her album in four versions.

The last rock album to achieve similar success was Dave Matthews Band’s Come Tomorrow, with 292,000 units sold in June 2018.

Fear Inoculum is Tool’s first album since 10,000 Days from 2006 – which was also the chart leader. The band was also number 1 with Lateralus from 2001. The updated Billboard 200 has Taylor Swift in second place, with Lana Del Rey in third with Norman Fucking Rockwell.


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