Junior Bass Groovador will auction bass used in Rock in Rio concert


Funds raised from the auction will go to Varela Santiago Children’s Hospital in Brazil

Brazilian bassist Junior Bass Groovador, who played with Tenacious D last Saturday and starred in one of the great moments of Rock in Rio 2019, will auction off one of the bass used during the show. The proceeds will go to Varela Santiago Children’s Philanthropic Hospital in Natal, Brazil.

Groovador confirmed the auction on Instagram Stories. In addition to the bass, will be auctioned a guitar autographed by singer Ivete Sangalo, a costume of the singer Gabriel Diniz and a piece of clothing by actor Caio Castro, among other Brazilian actors.More information about the auction has not yet been released.
Groovador gained notoriety from the general public after Black published his video on Instagram. In the subtitle, the actor and singer wrote: “please can someone put me in touch with Junior Bass Groovador”. After that, the internet went crazy cheering for the meeting of the two musicians, which took place on the festival’s World Stage last Saturday (28), when together they played a forró version of Nirvana’s “Smell Like Teen Spirit”.



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