See the summary of ‘Pop Day’ of Rock in Rio


Rock in Rio’s most pop day was debuts and mismatches. Saturday had Pink’s first time in Brazil, thrilled and acrobatic. Already Anitta debuted at the festival in Rio and reminded before the crowd its origin in funk.

But the Brazilian could not rehearse on stage, where the foreigners were a priority. She was also questioned for using some pre-recorded vocals, which is common in pop and rap.

Another funk attraction was also celebrated, but with unexpected factor. Funk Orchestra won Sunset with Buchecha, Fernanda Abreu and Ludmilla, but Kevinho got sick and canceled.

Pink wasn’t the only one to pop until hanging. came from a zip line at the Black Eyed Peas concert on the World Stage. The festive show had an extra dose of Anitta at the end.

H.E.R., whose stunts are just musical, was a little out of place with a lesser-known, bouncy repertoire, but showed dexterity in voice, guitar, and beautiful songs.

Sunset even had Charlie Puth celebrated even by Anitta and Bruna Marquezine, and new Brazilian pop from Anavitória, Projota, Vitão and more.

In a disagreeable note at the party, an inspectorate found workers sleeping under the Sunset stage in the morning. Entreartes employees work by loading equipment.


Pink canta "Just Give me a Reason" no Palco Mundo

It is common to see the 40-year-old American singer hanging around or singing with even a little terrifying intensity. Sometimes both at the same time. After nearly 20 years of career, she brought her circus to Brazil. The cliché of calling Rock in Rio Pop in Rio made perfect sense.

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas canta "Don't Lie" com Anitta no Rock in Rio

The Black Eyed Peas proved in this Rock in Rio that they are a very smart group. She knew how to survive Fergie’s absence on her crowded World Stage show with her dancing hits, zip-lining and Anitta’s earlier performance. The moment when the Brazilian took the stage, to give a straw in “Don’t lie”, was undoubtedly the favorite of the public.


H.E.R. e sua banda fazem homenagem ao Brasil no Rock in Rio

The 22-year-old singer and instrumentalist has multiplied on the World Stage. It was a shame that her performance, one of the best shows at the festival so far, was for an empty and scattered audience after Anitta’s concert. With glasses that covered half his face and insisted on falling, H.E.R. proved in gogo and instrument skill why it’s considered the greatest revelation of R&B today.


Anitta abre seu show no Rock in Rio com "Show das Poderosas"

It took, but it happened. Anitta debuted Rock in Rio recalling the funkeira origin – a strategy already expected for its first time in the Brazilian edition of the festival, after years of negotiations and participation in Lisbon in 2018. It was the first show in which the genre, born in the hills of the Rio, appeared strongly on the World Stage, the most important of the carioca event. She took an MC onstage and wiggled in Hurricane 2000-inspired scenery.

Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth encerra seu show no Rock in Rio com "See you again"

Charlie Puth does a keyboard solo along with a vocalization that shows he’s an above-average pop musician today. Then she smiles and makes a cute cutie for the melting teen audience. It was like this, full of solinhos and shouts, the first concert of the 27-year-old singer in Brazil. He ended the evening at the Sunset Stage with high spirits.

Anavitória e Saulo

Anavitória e Saulo cantam "Trevo" no Rock in Rio

Merging songs from the duo and singer with well-chosen covers, the trio did an intimate show that would look better in a smaller space. But it made up for the little strength with charisma. At the most captivating moment, the three invited Vitor Kley to sing “Pupila”, his partnership with Anavitória. Good vibe on stage and in the audience.

Projota, Vitão e Giulia Be

Projota canta "Sei lá" com Vitão no Rock in Rio

With lyrics that, almost invariably, send positive messages, Projota has already climbed to the Sunset Stage with the game won – throughout the performance, the audience sang his compositions. The hit “Linda”, in the original sung with Anavitória, drew a choir of female voices and preceded the passage of Vitão, who performed “Sei lá”. In quick but safe participation, Giulia Be introduced a new version of “Blanket”.

Funk Orquestra com Ludmilla, Fernanda Abreu e Buchecha

Ludmilla canta "Onda Diferente" no Rock in Rio

It would not be an exaggeration to say that, on Saturday afternoon, Palco Sunset became a branch of Rio de Janeiro’s suburban clubs, where funi carioca – or bat beat – was born and raised. Honoring the 30 years of the style, Funk Orchestra, the first symphonic ensemble dedicated to the genre, took the stage to receive artists who helped build this story.


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