Doctor Sleep: Unpublished posters pay tribute to The Shining


Warner has released new posters of Doctor Sleep, an adaptation of Stephen King’s book that continues The Shining. The new posters pay tribute to iconic moments in Stanley Kubrick’s film, such as Danny Torrance on a tricycle and the door destroyed by Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) with axes.

Doctor Sleep accompanies Danny Torrance as an adult, who is still traumatized by events at Overlook Hotel. Ewan McGregor lives the adult version of the protagonist, son of the murderer Jack Torrance who in the Stanley Kubrick classic was played by the boy Danny Lloyd. Rebecca Ferguson is Rose the Top Hat; Carl Lumbly from the Alias and Supergirl series is Dick Halloran and Alex Essoe is Wendy Torrance.

Doctor Sleep is scheduled for November 7th.


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