Sepultura’s new album is announced



epultura announced the release of their new album, Quadra, in early 2020. Without disclosing a precise date, the group revealed the cover art on social networks.

Guitarist Andreas Kisser explained the concept of the title [via CoS]: “We all came from different Quadras. Countries, nations, their borders and traditions. Culture, religion, law, education and the set of rules that order a place of life. Our personalities, beliefs, how we live, how we build societies and relationships all depend on the rules with which we grow. ” The musician further explained the idea of the cover: “Regardless of your Court, you need money to survive, the primordial rule of the game called life. And so the coin.”

The album will feature the unreleased song “Isolation”, which marked their first performance during the band’s set at Rock In Rio.

Quadra will mark Sepultura’s 15th studio album, and follows the release of 2017, Machine Messiah.


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