Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel set to be a Playable Character in Marvel’s Avengers

Kamala Khan

Today, during New York Comic Con, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics unveiled that Kamala Khan also known as Ms. Marvel will be a playable character in Marvel’s Avengers when it releases next May. Not only will she be a playable character, it appears that the young Ms. Marvel will be playing a major role in the story of the game.

A young Kamala Khan first appears during the celebration of A-Day prior to gaining her powers. However, when the tragic events occur on A-Day, she is “exposed to the mysterious Terrigen Mist” which causes her to gain her trademark polymorphic powers. Years after the tragedy of A-Day, with the world in danger and heroes outlawed, Kamala discovers that the Avengers were setup during the catastrophe on A-Day, and she sets out to gather and reform the Avengers to stop a deadly new threat from Advanced Idea Mechanics. She is even seen arguing with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark about taking on this new threat in the trailer.

Shaun Escayg, the Creative Director and writer of the game, stated that “Kamala Khan is the perfect character for the story” of the game due to her smarts and optimism. Escayg would continue with, “Telling our story of Kamala’s coming-of-age brings a fresh, hopeful perspective to the gameplay experience and her unique abilities as Ms. Marvel make her a character every person can relate to and will want to play. Kamala Khan is one of the unique characters that makes our game stand apart from any Avengers story experienced before.”

Bill Rosemann, the VP of Creative at Marvel Games, even describes Kamala Khan as a perfect fit to join the cast of Marvel’s Avengers even describing her as a “cultural icon.”  The VP of Content and Character Development at Marvel, Sana Amanat, even stated that there will be a few surprises in store for players during Kamala’s journey to reunite the Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers is set to release on May 15, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. Recently, characters such as Thor and Black Widow have gotten updated designs as well. You can also check out our impressions of the game from back at E3 here. You can check out the Kamala Khan reveal trailer below:

Source: Mxdwn


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