Friends may have special HBO Max streaming meeting


According to the website, talks are still ongoing and the deal may not be reached because of the agenda of the actors and producers. In addition, sources report that consensus among the parties involved is “far from being reached”.

Remember that a few weeks ago, Aniston commented in an interview that there was a project about Friends under development with his former colleagues, but did not define what would be the nature of the meeting.

Speculation about a comeback from Friends has been debated since the series ended in 2005. Recently, the conversation gained momentum with Aniston’s arrival on Instagram, whose first photo was next to his former castmates. On Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she explains the photo was only taken as part of a dinner party between friends “who miss each other and who, coincidentally, were in the same part of the world.”

Considered one of the most influential comedies of all time, Friends had 10 seasons, broadcast between 1994 and 2005, with their stories and characters entering the popular imagination and reflecting on productions such as How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and other comedies produced. in the last two decades.


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