Slayer guitarist reveals being a fan of My Chemical Romance


Gary Holt hopes to get tickets for emo group return show

In an interview with US site Loudwire, Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt revealed to be a fan of the band My Chemical Romance, and hopes to get tickets for the group’s return show.

“I’m trying to get tickets for my daughter! I think it’s cool. I did not see them live. I don’t think she saw it either, ”said the guitarist.

The metalworker also commented on the album The Black Parade, released by My Chemical Romance in 2006. Holt believes the album is a masterpiece because “all the songs are amazing, they are super ambitious.”

The guitarist listens to the songs “Queen”, “Pink Floyd” and “Cheap Trick” “everywhere”. And, “The Sharpest Lives” is the artist’s favorite album track.

Despite being a member of two metal bands, Holt said he was introduced to the emo sound of My Chemical Romance by his daughter. “She showed a lot of things that I found killer.”


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