The Mandalorian is more popular than Stranger Things in debut week


The Mandalorian generated much more interest than Stranger Things in its debut week, according to a report released by Parrot Analytics [via Forbes]. According to the agency, which measures public interest expressed online, interest in the new Disney + series is 69.8% higher than the popularity of Stranger Things seven days after the premiere of its second season.

The report also compared The Mandalorian’s first week’s performance with other science fiction series, revealing that the series’ popularity was also 298% higher than Star Trek: Discovery (seven days after the premiere of season two), 175% higher than Westworld (seven days after the premiere of season two) and 72.3% higher than Doctor Who (seven days after the premiere of season 11).

The agency also compared public interest in The Mandalorian on the fourth day after its debut with the performance of similarly anticipated series, also registering a popularity 58.7% higher than Good Omens and 35.8% higher than The Umbrella Academy.

The measure used by the analytics agency, Demand Expressions, is generated from social mentions, channel subscriptions, downloads, and other factors that represent public interest.

The Mandalorian’s plot takes place five years after The Return of the Jedi, “following the mishaps of a lone gunman in the far reaches of the Galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.” Previously, Dave Filoni stated that the production will show the origins of the First Order, an organization that attempts to dominate the galaxy in the new Star Wars trilogy.

The cast features Pedro Pascal, Werner Herzog, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Nick Nolte and Giancarlo Esposito. Jon Favreau produces and writes the project, directed by Filoni (Star Wars Rebels), Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) and others.

The Mandalorian will feature eight episodes and premiered in the US on November 12 on Disney +.


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