Iron Maiden Releases Cute Edko Edition in Funko Format


The company Funko Pop, maker of miniature dolls of big names in music, movie characters, series and cartoons, announced a collection of dolls from Eddie, Iron Maiden mascot, on Twitter this Monday, 2.

The collection features a different edition of Funkp Pop. In this version, the focus is not on the band members – as usual – but on the mascot Eddie in four versions. The figure follows Iron Maiden since their debut album in 1980.

Still, the dolls’ formats refer to the group’s first four albums: “Pop! Iron Maiden Eddie ”,“ Pop! Killers Eddie ”,“ Pop! Number Of The Beast Eddie ”and“ Pop! Piece of Mind Eddie ”.

The products are now available for pre-order on the Funko website without an official release date. In addition, the company has stated that it is the first collection involving Iron Maiden, and soon more versions may be available.


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